Coffee & Lyn


Coffee & Lyn, singer-songwriter since 2011. Born in Vienna, Austria.
Release of her debut single “Wake Up“ featuring K-Kanayo in 2016.

“The song “Wake Up” helped me to move on and not to give up. To start the day with a fresh uplifting spirit. It is supposed to be a love song to the world, life and our unique mission in life.”

Coffee & Lyn started to write her own songs in 2011. During the little coffee breaks in between her day to day routine, she composed most of her songs.

The name Coffee & Lyn came about from these breaks over a cup of coffee that provided the inner freedom and inspiration to relax, write music and enjoy the moment.

Coffee & Lyn is all about unity, good music and relaxing times.

Coffee represents Lyn’s vision of all the wonderful musicians and artists coming together to create wonderful and inspiring music.