British-born singer songwriter Charleesa opens the heart and mind through mellifluous melodies and intimate lyrics that she delivers with the passionate sincerity of a crusader, and the sensitivity of a healer. Speaking through her truth and one that reflects the human condition, in all its unedited glory; she writes baring everything within her soul though not to be judged but to connect. She desires to inspire, as she says ‘we are all different but yet we are all from the same source. We all feel, we all dream; we want to be happy. With her optimistic outlook, her songs are inspiring as they are evocative but also carry meaningful messages.

Charleesa discovered her vocal abilities at a young age, having a musical family history and already a passion for music and lyrics writing her first song at just fourteen years old which she first sung acapella to her captivated classmates. She sang at various venues after that and the positive reactions that she received gave her the confidence to show her personality and flair for outfits on stage whilst continuing to work on her own material building a catalogue of songs in different styles. In Goa, India she embraced the abundance of creative freedom and found the courage to perform her own material at live sessions where she sang her own songs unaccompanied, sending the room into a level of silence which at first was both astounding and intimidating to her. .

Over the last 10 years she has been performing in India, Nepal and England. She was the lead singer of a band in England, she was interviewed in Kathmandu by a reporter to a local magazine and in Goa, sang at famous markets and hosted her own weekly live session evenings; performing herself and booking bands & artists. She also showcased her original material in 2016 at a not-so-secret cellar bar in the South of England as a support act & was featured on a local radio show. She has spent the past three months putting together her choice of ten tracks from a longer list of completed songs for her forthcoming debut album. She now has the opportunity to delve into the modern world of music which will enable her to reach a wider audience with her influential and motivational messages.
Charleesa’s influences are many including queens such as Kate Bush, Nina Simone & Madonna to great bands such as The Beatles & Pink Floyd. Soul music & Motown are also big favourites as well as electronic music, ambient and chillout, mantra’s and spiritual music. What is her style ? you ask, ‘many and her own’ is her answer; followed by ‘no boxes please’.
In Sunland, the first song to be produced in Vienna by Felix Okon; was written on a beach in North Goa, India although the songs catchy lyrics and groovy summery vibe can simply musically transport you to any sunny spot on the globe in your mind.

A beautifully talented singer!
I have been blessed to listen to her beautiful voice over the years here and there but I wish there was more.
Continue making your dreams come true and letting everyone get a taste of your voice which is hands down one of the best. The world will be lucky to experience the way I have.
The love you share with us through your music in your beautiful humble way is so very much appreciated.
Keep shining dear SiStar.